Poem – Any Change…?

This poem is inspired by homelessness and was written to highlight the issue in all major locations but particularly in Manchester, where a Charter was recently launched for the homeless in the City by the Charity, Mustard Tree.


Any Change..?


This wasn’t always

the reality of me.

Don’t believe what at first

you think you see.

Life can deal

bum cards to us all.

Leaving you sometimes

feeling forlorn.

Each day I ‘wander’

without much hope.


Any change for a coffee

or even a smoke.


The streets are never

an easy place.

Filled with inequality

and too much heartache.

We have much in common

you and me.

Both coming from

decent, loving family.

Some days I feel shame

about where I’m at.

Then quickly realize

that’s matter, not fact.


Any change for a bed

or even

a roof

over my head.


This is all that’s needed

when all is said.

Mobility from poverty

is like climbing a wall.

It’s easy to slip

when not equipped for a fall.

This feeling of isolation

is like fractured ice.

Cutting both ways

with apprehension and bias.

Assumption that you want

money for ‘dope’.

The only dream I have

is to get back hope.


Any change

is all..

that I ask for

and pray.

To make my life better

at the end of the day.


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Poem – We Took Back The Clock

We took back the Clock


Silently you arrived just like a fox,

a twentieth century monster who never knocks.

You visit the young and old alike,

filling them with fear and anxiety about their plight.

Your tentacles are like sneaky spiders,

antagonizing loved ones, family and all insiders.

Even now you send chills up my spine,

as you will know this poem is written with you in mind.

Why do you come with such haste?

numbing the senses and eliminating taste.

Destroying that which God gives life,

causing havoc and misery to those who need no strife.

Life is too precious to ever bow down,

you will not win as science holds your crown.


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Poem – Anger is Part of a Losing Hand

Anger is part of a losing hand

Anger is really a bitter pill,

which consumes from the outside in.

It makes your face full of fear,

distressing anyone daring to be near.

The creases and wrinkles on your face,

never forsake to visit another place.

You become filled with utter hate,

taking negativity to another state.

Unless you keep this rage in check,

it will run havoc and cause regret.

With the ability to conjure evil words,

it forces your voice to be heard.

Yet words said with such bait,

only cause destruction to your fate.

In the end anger is part of a losing hand,

as you try to defend or make a stand.


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Poem – Exchanging Worlds

Exchanging Worlds

Words cannot sum up,

what I truly need to say.

You are the one for me,

please listen to what I say

I will always be there waiting,

at times when you are late.

I will love you wholeheartedly,

giving adoration when you hate.

I will cheat with your heart,

preferring to love your whole.

I will despise your outer beauty,

because inside it hides your core.

I will steal your beautiful body,

as my affair is with your soul.

I will donate all worldly possessions,

we don’t need them any more.

I will give you absolutely nothing,

as everything you are to me.

I will borrow our tomorrows,

in order to cherish you every day.

I know my words may seem strange,

in truth it’s difficult to explain.

My whole world was changed,

when into my life you came.

Two worlds collided together,

and life will never be the same.


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